Precise hardware and solutions are a must when it comes to the aerospace industry. We know the importance that goes into these services. That’s why we strive for the highest quality solutions and parts produced. Our trusted, high-quality services deliver the ultimate accuracy along with being cost-effective and efficient. Our sophisticated machines are capable of handling a number of advanced processes and complex parts. Our reliable CNCs work at very high rates, allowing us to deliver your parts exactly when you need them. The aerospace industry requires high temperature metal, plastic and composite parts. We can deliver those components and more.
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In a fast-paced, competitive industry, it’s important to have the tools you need to succeed. We’re able to consistently achieve the highest standards of quality and precision while maximizing productivity, On top of all this, we’re able to keep production costs low and process times quick. We can offer our robotics partners lots of flexibility across a vast range of CNC machining options. Our solutions also allow for repeatability and top reliability. Allow us to create complete efficiency that will significantly lower your overall costs. We can provide you with the flexibility to respond quickly to changes in market trends and your customers’ needs.


The military and defense industries abide by the highest level of standards. We’re proud to be able to match their expected quality and service level. When it comes to the defense industry, we know they’re looking for a partner that can deliver the most precise parts and components possible. Our CNC turning and milling capabilities are an integral part of the machining processes required by our defense customers. The advantages are clear. We provide end-to-end services that are ready to exceed all expectations and specifications. Whether you’re looking for contour CNC milling, CNC turning or grinding, we can achieve maximum results in the time intended.


Our continuing advances in CNC services offer our automotive partners many advantages. Our solutions can maximize your efficiency and increase your overall output. This allows our automotive industry partners to remain profitable and competitive in their market. The automotive sector is extremely fast-paced, so we know you expect a manufacturing partner that can keep up with your needs. Our technological advances in the CNC industry enables us to meet the high standards set by the automotive industry. Regardless of where you fall in the supply chain, Five Star can deliver precise and reliable CNC solutions that will put you ahead of your competition.

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